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Fabulous Award For Me

My Special Thanks to my fellow Kairos

Who has give me award, this is my first award, and this award make me enthusiasm to keep Blogging and Blogwalking, to keep fellowship between Blogger fellow.

I have no words to say...but once again i want to say thanks for the trust to give me this award. It's mean ... i must doing my home work to give this award for 10th amazing Blog. This is 10th blog nomination for Blog fabulous award :

1. Adamakna
2. Aneka Dunia
3. Belajar dan Berbagi
4. Blog Master
5. Danau Toba Indah
7. GD Permana
8. Hanya Info
9. Pecinta Kucing Persia
10. read me

For all my friend who has get this award ... please do your home work okey. Hehehehehe.

1. Put the logo in your Blog
2. Share this award to 10th inspiration and friendly Blog according to you.
3. Make sure to always connect this appreciation with a very inspirational and friendly Blog from your Blog.
4. Give comments in their Blog so they can know that they are the 10th nomination.
5. Share your love for this appreciation, from person who has give this gift.

Comments :

List 4 comments ke “Fabulous Award For Me”
Ghustie Samosir said...

thx 4 ur award, but i already have same award like ur's, but thx a lot 4 ur award, keep blogging :D

Ghustie Samosir

gdpermana said...

wauw,, but i have same award,,..

tapi makasih bang yahh.. saya pajang..hehe

Abang Batax said...

bagi para sobat blogger yang sudah pernah menerima award seperti diatas (walaupun bukan dari saya)...itu menandakan bahwa sobat blogger memang berkelas...hehehe jadi pingin bersaing nich....

GERY said...

maksih bos....pertamax award:)

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