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Wanna Apple iPhone 3G 16GB for free...?

Apple iPhone 3G 16GBWanna Apple iPhone 3G 16GB for free...?

At Xpango, you can receive the latest Free Blackberry Pearl Series - including Blackberry Pearl 8100, 8110 and 8120 from Xpango! Sim Free Mobile Phones via our Customer Reward System.

Xpango provide the the latest Free Mobiles Phones including the Apple iPhone 3G, Nokia N96, Sony Ericsson C902, BlackBerry Bold, Samsung Omnia and many, many other models!

All handsets provided by Xpango are brand new, boxed, fully guaranteed and sim free. No contracts are required and handsets are unlocked and ready to use on any network. Apple iPhone 3G 16GB will be direct sent to your house for free and without tax.

How to get it...?

Just follow the simple instrucstion. Click on Here or Click on Apple iPhone 3G 16GB image then put this number " 91697247 " on referral textbox. After you register, you will be get a activation mail to your email. just click that email activation....and wait at your home with smile.

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-::: R-AdHa :::- said...

berkunjung bawa berita, ada lomba menarik di blog ku, silahkan di lihat klik di sini www.rizaladha.com :thumbsup:

Pixell said...

Nice Info bang, Numpang comment ya hehe

Fetra said...

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budiawanhutasoit said...

benaran free nih? :D

Kenalilah 5 tanda-tanda PENTING gejala SERANGAN JANTUNG

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