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Arch Linux Tutorial Installation [Part 3]

Arch LinuxWelcome To Arch Linux Tutorial Installation [Part 3], if you are a new readers i suggest you to visit and read Arch Linux Tutorial Installation [Part 1] and Arch Linux Tutorial Installation [Part 2]. Without wasting our time...i'll continue my explanation about installation of Arch Linux.

You will be asked for a default console-based text editor, so select nano if you are an inexperienced user. Then you will see a list with the most important configuration files that you can tweak to meet your needs (ONLY IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING) :

I suggest you to leave the configuration files as they are and go to the Root-Password option to setup a password for the root (system administration) account. Type the password, hit enter and then type it again. If successful, you'll come back to the Configuration menu where you can setup a mirror for the Pacman package manager or return to the Main Menu :

The fifth option allows you to Install the Kernel:

You will see a list with only one kernel, so there is no other choice here than to select the default one :

Once again, you will be asked if you want to keep packages in pacman cache. Select 'No' and the kernel will be installed. You will be notified when the kernel installation is complete, scroll the text until you see Package Installation Complete and then hit 'Continue'. You will see a message that lets you know the kernel was successfully installed.

Hit 'OK' and you must configure the kernel now. Select 'Yes' for the first question:

Before rebuilding the fallback image, it is recommended that you review the configuration file. Hit 'OK' and you'll be put into a text editor (GNU nano). Inexperienced users should hit CTRL+X to exit the editor:

The fallback image will be rebuilt. It will take a few seconds:

You are back to the Main Menu. Select the sixth option, Install Bootloader:

Here are two options: GRUB and LILO. If you have no idea what to select, I strongly recommend you to choose GRUB:

Before installing GRUB, it is recommended that you review the configuration file. Hit 'OK' and you'll be put into a text editor (GNU nano):

Inexperienced users should hit CTRL+X to exit the editor:

Then you must select the boot device where the GRUB boot loader will be installed. It is recommended to hit ENTER here with the default option /dev/sda (MBR):

You'll be asked if you have software raid installed:

�GRUB was successfully installed� is the message you'll receive next. Hit 'OK':

Exit the installer and type reboot:

Remove the CD from the optical drive. The system will boot from the hard drive and you will see the GRUB boot loader. Hit enter on the default option (Arch Linux) or wait for 5 seconds for the system to boot:

At the login prompt, type root and the password you have set up when you installed the system. When you're logged in, type startx to enter the graphical environment:

That's it! Congratulations, you've just installed Arch Linux. Thanks to softpedia which has give this tutorial with a screenshot and make our to be easy on installation.

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