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Arch Linux Tutorial Installation [Part 2]

Arch LinuxHere we are...

Welcome to Arch Linux Tutorial Installation [Part 2]. If you're a new readers, i suggest you to visit and read Arch Linux Tutorial Installation [Part 1] because read this tutorial without basic can confusing your head and the installation process could be failure. And...for readers who have read Arch Linux Tutorial Installation [Part 1] before, i suggest you to take a hot coffee because the process of installation taking a lot of time. Off course Abang Batax do that too, taking a glass of hot coffee and a pack of cigarette for my company journey.

Let me to remind you our last step installation process. Our previous process is :

Then you will be asked if you want to create and mount the filesystems. If it looks just as in the screenshot below, hit 'Yes':

So...we continue to our next steps....(steps 15th)

Wait a few seconds and you'll receive a message that notifies you that all partitions were successfully mounted. Hit OK and you will be back on the Prepare Hard Drive menu.

Select the Return to Main Menu option:

Enter the second option now, Select Packages and select the first option (Mount the CD-ROM and install it from there):

Select the CD drive that contains the Arch packages:

Wait for the CD to be mounted and when it's done, you will get a notification message about the package selection. Read it, because it's very important!

I've selected all the packages for this installation, and if you want to have a complete Arch installation I suggest you to do the same:

When asked if you want to select all packages by default, hit 'Yes':

Then you will see all the packages that will be installed in your system. You can remove some packages at this point ONLY if you know what you're doing; if not, hit OK and you'll be back to the Main Menu:

Enter the third option (Install Packages):

You will be notified that the package installation will begin and that it will take a few minutes to finish. Hit OK and when asked if you want to keep the packages in pacman cache choose 'No'.

The package installation will start:

You will be notified when the package installation is complete. Hit 'Continue' until you reach the end of the text, where it says (Package Installation Complete):

Hit 'Continue' and you will be back to the Main Menu. Select the next option, Configure System:

For the first question, select 'Yes' as it is already recommended:

If you need support for booting from USB devices, select 'Yes' or 'No'. I suggest you to select 'Yes' here:

Do you need support for booting from firewire devices? Select 'Yes' or 'No' depending on your needs:

If you want to boot from pcmcia devices, select 'Yes' on the next screen, otherwise select 'No' if you don't have PCMCIA devices:

For NFS shares boot support select 'Yes' on the next question, or 'No' if you do not want to boot from NFS shares:

If you want to boot from software raid arrays, select 'Yes', otherwise select 'No' for this question if you have no idea what software raid arrays are:

Same goes for software raid mdp/partition arrays boot support. Select 'No' here if you have no idea what the software raid mdp/partition is:

Do you need support for booting from lvm2 volumes?

If you want to boot from encrypted partitions select 'Yes' to this question (recommended):

And the last question asks you if you want to boot the kernel with a custom DSDT file. If you have no idea what this is, select 'No'.

because there are limit space on blogger posting page....so i make this tutorial to be a 3 part...let come to Arch Linux Tutorial Installation [Part 3] to finish our installation

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