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Spb Wireless Monitor (Pocket PC)

Spb Wireless Monitor (Pocket PC)Spb Wireless Monitor – The Perfect Data Traffic Controller

Save money by monitoring all your data transfers

Either you have an expensive data plan or a cheap one, it is highly recommended to monitor the costs, unless you get your traffic for free. Spb Wireless Monitor is such a tool that helps users measure data traffic via all types of connections and calculate network usage costs according to their data plan. Spb Wireless Monitor is an easy-to-use traffic management tool for your Mobile device. By monitoring all the data traffic and limiting the bandwidth, the software might also increase the network efficiency immediately and offer cost-effective traffic control, depending on the user’s plan.

After installing the trial version of Spb Wireless Monitor, just click and launch the application. The initial screen will welcome you to the program and will give you access to the program dialogs and features. From the Menu you can access the program’s About screen and register the product. The next screen available is Reports, which is your primary tool for analyzing data traffic and costs. Spb Wireless Monitor provides four basic report types, changed via Menu->Report Type submenu.

For each report type time periods and a specific connection can be specified. There are six predefined time periods that can be selected from Menu->Period submenu: Today, Yesterday, This Month, Last Month, This Year and Last Year. You will also be able to specify an arbitrary period using the Custom option. Furthermore, a connection can be selected from Menu->Connection submenu. In case you opt for Choose All, you'll have all the connections combined in a single report. Any report can be viewed in two different modes: table or bar chart. View mode can be changed via Menu->View submenu.

The Alarms screen is, as its name suggests, used to manage alarms. These will notify you when a certain amount of data has been sent or received over the selected connection. For example, you can configure an alarm to notify you when you have run out of free traffic included in your data plan. The creation of multiple alarms is also possible.

The Connections and Tariffs screen is used to select connections that you intend to monitor and assign their tariff plan. The tariff settings wizard is a straightforward process for configuring the connection tariff so that it can be calculated automatically.

The Export feature allows you to export data usage information to a file that can then be opened in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. There's also the option of exporting the file to HTML or CSV format. A CSV file can be easily imported into Microsoft Excel, Access, and many other desktop applications.

The Today Settings plug-in allows you to view data usage information for a particular time on the Today screen. For each connection, total traffic and speed are displayed. Traffic may be calculated for current session, day, or month.

The trial version of Spb Wireless Monitor includes all of the features available in the registered version, except that it expires within 15 days after the first installation. You can use the trial version only to check how Spb Wireless Monitor works. In order to keep using the software you need to purchase the license.

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