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How to Unlock Password Protected Memory Cards

Tips only available for S60 devices.

Many people, more or less familiar with their handsets, find out that they cannot access their memory card even though they haven't set any passwords for it. This often happens with experienced users that intend to protect their information by setting a password and then forget what the password was.

For those of you who own S60 1st or 2nd devices, things are pretty simple and straightforward, as long as you use FExplorer file manager. The password seems to be stored in a simple file that can be found in C:\System folder. The file is called MMCstore and should be renamed as a .txt file so that it can be opened. Your password should be at the end of the file in the form of various characters.

If you own an S60 3rd handset, you won't be able to recover your password, unless you own an Eseries device. The solution below is only available in case you haven't specifically set a password for your card and you simply found out that you could not access it. The main reason could be the fact that you mistakenly (or not) activated the 'remote lock' function on the device. This option enables you to lock the phone by sending a specific text through SMS. In case you activated it, bear in mind that the remote lock message that you used is also available for the memory card.

Unfortunately, if you do not own any of the above mentioned devices and you simply have an S60 3rd Edition handset, you won't be able to retrieve your password, but at least you will be able to recover your memory card, so you can continue to use it. Thus, the only thing you are left to do is simply reformat the memory card. Still, if you haven't made a backup on your PC, you will, of course, lose all the data on the memory card.

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