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Virus Intruder in Yahoo Messenger

Are you a chatter? All people in the world using internet as a media for communications. We know we can do anything with internet, like a browsing, surfing, download, chatting and etc. With communication people can know all information that happens in the world, a news from our family or our friends. Chatting is a one way to communicate our self to the world, we can use Yahoo messenger, MIRC, Google Talk, Facebook and etc for communication tools. Many good people using chat tools for a good thinks but there are bad people like using chat tools too. They use chat for spreading their desire, spreading their tricky, spreading a viruses to disturb and destroy all chatters. Virus that they spread is like a spam, tracking, phising, sneaping to get data or information from computer chatter. They just not do that, virus that they spread is also can destroy our computer or damage one of our hardware computer.

So…please be careful when you chat with someone that you didn’t know before, because maybe they are a virus. I’ve many friends who has get attacked by virus when they chat in Yahoo Messenger. This is one name that you must put into your blacklist when you chat with Yahoo Messenger : “prince_ots 737@yahoo.com”, this name attack chatter with adding someone method to be his friend and from there he will send you files with virus inside. So…tell your friends and family including your self too to do not receive and open a file which has been send by this name, prince_ots 737@yahoo.com usually send a virus file with name cikoi_sons, ha5rul and frenzck2. This virus which have a function to kill your hard drive. Mean time…there are no one antivirus can kill this virus. So please be careful.

Abang Batak hope this information can be useful for all of my friends who have read this post. Until this time I’ve no got information yet is this virus can also attack with other chat tools. Don’t be forget to spread this information to all people that you’ve ever know.

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