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SugarSync Mobile for BlackBerry 1.1.8

Are you using Blacberry? Need to connected your blackberry to your PC and backup data, copy music and pictures? This is your day buddy, and maybe you lucky day...you know why? This my first post about mobile software and i choose to solve problem for blackberry communication.

SugarSync Mobile seamlessly figures the photo contents of a BlackBerry Curve, Pearl, or 8800 Series phone into the ecosystem of SugarSync's online file-storing arrangement. When used in conjunction with SugarSync Manager for Windows or Mac, viewing, downloading, and sharing any file or photo album from the phone is a speedy and effortless habit (so long as you have a file viewer installed.) Unique to the mobile versions is an uploader that automatically pushes photos snapped from the phone to a dedicated folder stored in the cloud.

The mobile product could stand to gain one or two more features for uploading not just photos but files from the phone, and opening music and video files from the Web into a player. However, the syncing performance may be the fastest and most intuitive we've seen among the pool of similar remote access products, and that goes a long way.

SugarSync Mobile is a free application and should be used together with the SugarSync backup and sync service

Features : License:Free
Additional Requirements : RIM OS
Limitations : No limitations
Size : 812 bytes

Get SugarSync Mobile for BlackBerry 1.1.8 via download.com for you direct connectivity and enjoy your share time.


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Anonymous said...

SugarSync just released a full blown BlackBerry client: http://www.sugarsync.com/blog/2009/03/25/blackberry-joins-sugarsync%E2%80%99s-leading-mobile-offering/

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