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Ashampoo WinOptimizer v5.00

WinOptimizer v5.00 on Limited Software10 years of experience at the professional level is what Ashampoo has to offer in what is a very important topic for daily PC use, namely, Windows optimization. This extensive pool of knowledge is now the basis for the new and completely improved Ashampoo WinOptimizer 5. The program is designed to enable both novice and advanced users to cleanse and optimize their Windows system and adapt it to their own needs. The tool feels equally at home optimizing the Windows XP and 2000 operating systems as it does under Windows Vista.

The extremely easy-to-use menus present the individual modules of Ashampoo WinOptimizer 5 and make it possible to measure system performance, deactivate annoying autostart entries, or delete unnecessary files, all with a click of the mouse.

The latest version, WinOptimizer 5, boasts two new modules. They restore mistakenly deleted files with the click of a mouse and save the arrangement of icons on the desktop. And a lot has also been done in the realm of Windows optimization.

The bell rings for round five Windows, the way I want it. In the fight for fast Windows operation and against sluggish performance, Ashampoo WinOptimizer has a lot of new tricks up its sleeve for the fifth round.

One mouse click too many and an important file is lost
forever. Really? Not if Undeleter can help it. Undeleter
restores deleted files on NTFS, FAT-16, and FAT-32 partitions.
Even compressed and encrypted NTFS files and deleted files for
instance on USB sticks can be saved in this way. The health
status of deleted files is displayed, letting the user know
how good the chances are that the files can be restored.

Icon Saver
Many users move icons around on their desktop to make their
daily work as efficient as possible. Unfortunately, this icon
arrangement is very easily lost. All it takes is switching the
screen resolution. Icon-Saver keeps track of the arrangement
of icons on the desktop and can restore them at any time. The
module can keep track of several stored desktop

Real-time backup
Real-time Backup monitors all key system processes that the
user performs with Ashampoo WinOptimizer 5 to back up the
original configuration in real time. If necessary, it's easy
to restore the original configuration. Extensive notes are
included with all backups.

Registry Optimizer
Previously referred to as the Registry Cleaner, this module
scans the Windows registry. Ashampoo WinOptimizer 5 finds
broken links that have empty references and automatically
either eliminates or immediately repairs them. The integration
with real-time backup here ensures that it is always possible
to restore the original condition of the registry.

Under Windows Vista, all the cleaner modules of Ashampoo
WinOptimizer 5 can be launched from this gadget. Even
One-Click Optimization can now be run from the gadget. Users
can also view a graphic representation of processes with the
gadget and have the available capacity of their hard drives

An indispensable favorite
With its two new modules and countless enhancements, Ashampoo
WinOptimizer 5 provides many more features than its predecessor.
The following old favorites have been thoroughly revised:

Drive Cleaner: Drive Cleaner searches the hard drive for files
that are no longer needed so they can be deleted upon
confirmation from the user. The search algorithm for this
module has been considerably improved for increased
efficiency. What's more, comprehensive information is now
available for the objects that are found.

Tweaking Tools: Hundreds of settings can easily be switched on
and off in this module with a click of the mouse. Not only the
visual appearance and general behavior of Windows in certain
situations is addressed here, but also topics such as
security, Internet, and multimedia. The integration with the
real-time backup makes it possible to undo all changes at any
time here as well.

Process Manager: Now, frozen windows from crashed applications
are no longer a problem. The Process Manager deals with these
applications in short order, kicking them out of memory and
off the screen. Suspicious applications can also be
immediately terminated in this manner. What's new is that the
module not only lists all active processes, but also provides
corresponding information on them. A new visual aid also shows
which system processes are absolutely necessary so that they
are not deleted.

StartUp Tuner: This module displays all autostart entries,
allowing users to deactivate irritating programs so that they
are no longer executed when Windows starts up. This module
also now names the autostart entries that are absolutely
necessary and should not be switched off by the user. An
overview and recommendation for unnecessary services is now
also available for Windows Vista. Requested by many users:
Now, Internet Explorer plug-ins can be viewed and deleted if

File Wiper: When Windows deletes files, they're not really
removed, but rather made available for overwriting. In short:
Any data thief can easily restore them. The File Wiper deletes
data with sensitive contents completely, making it impossible
to restore them even with specialized programs. The new
version is fully integrated into the Windows Explorer context
menu and can accordingly be opened from that location without
starting the main application. In addition, performance has
been noticeably improved.

One-Click Optimization: No time for anything? One-Click
Optimization cleans up any area desired with the single click
of a mouse. What's new is the ability to optionally display
lists of results.

Still in our corner

System Benchmark, Visual Styler, and Hard Drive Defragmenter are
still included with Ashampoo WinOptimizer 5:

System Benchmark: The module tests the processor and measures
the performance of the system memory. A nice feature is that
the results from your own computer can be compared to those of
other PCs.

Visual Styler: It's important to many users that their Windows
system has its own unique look. That's where the visual styler
comes in. The module can switch out existing icons for new
ones and make the individual windows look transparent.

Hard Drive Defragmenter: This module also runs under Vista,
reconnecting files which have been broken into fragments to
restore them to their original form. This increases
performance when working with Windows.

Size 15.8 Mb

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